Tokyo Snoopy Museum The charm of "Peanuts Snoopy" comics swept everywhere throughout the world; the exquisite Snoopy has an extensive number of fans. With the opening of Japan's first Snoopy Hotel in Kobe, it has indeed pulled in numerous dialogs. Actually, there are a few Snoopy attractions in Japan, including eateries, bistros, inn, museums and shops. In this article we list the most recent and complete "Snoopy attractions in Japan" quick guide. As a Snoopy fan, it's your journey!

1.Tokyo - Snoopy Museum

Tokyo Snoopy Museum Situated in Roppongi, the "Tokyo Snoopy Museum" is the first "Peanuts Snoopy " theme museum in Asia. The museum changed the contents of the exhibition every six months, from the viewpoint of comic characters that fans did not discover before. Likewise, about a hundred Snoopy items are changed at the same interval, in blend with the Snoopy-themed eatery, enabling fans to discover new appeal of Snoopy at whatever point they go. It's a site that Snoopy fans must not miss out!! Be that as it may, the Snoopy Museum in Tokyo is not a permanent museum. Because of the land development, the museum was shut down on September 2018. It will be moved to Osaka in April, 2019 and Nagoya in June, 2019! If you don't mind, stay tuned for the re-opening of Snoopy Museum up to that point!

2.Tokyo - PEANUTS Cafe

Peanuts Snoopy Cafe The "PEANUTS Cafe" in Nakameguro is the most exquisite Snoopy Cafe. From the outside, it looks like a beautiful and elegant white beauty standing in the corner of the street, making people unable to associate it with the cute Peanut Snoopy comics. Including the high caliber and style of the adulthood, the first and second floors are in totally unique structures. The PEANUTS Cafe takes clients absolutely by pre-booking. Guests must make an arrangement online before going, as to guarantee fans can appreciate the relaxation time with the characters. It doesn't matter if you don't know Japanese. It doesn't matter if you don't know Japanese. The official website now also offers English and Chinese appointments, but remember to go according to the appointment time. And please don’t “ No Show”. Address:2-16-7, Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-0042, Japan Business hours: 10 am to 10 pm

3.Tokyo Station, First Avenue, Snoopy boutique

"Tokyo Anime Street" (Tokyo キャラクターストリート), located in Tokyo Station, is part of Tokyo Station, and is a super good shopping street where you don't wanna come out when you walk in. It is a collection of cute cartoon characters. Among them, there’s a Snoopy boutique! Tokyo First Avenue Snoopy Shop In this Snoopy boutique there are more than 60 kinds of products limited by Tokyo Station, including snacks, stationery, dolls, postcards, bags, mugs, etc., from wear to practical items, all can be found here. It keep you fans dazzled and just want to bring everything home. d3278651


Yokohama Snoopy Diner In the shopping center MARINE and WALK YOKOHAMA in Yokohama Miratomirai 21 habour, the recently designed Snoopy -themed eatery "PEANUTS DINNER" was opened in mid-December 2017. Guests can appreciate the excellent view of Yokohama Harbor day and night while in the meantime enjoying a relaxing supper in the dazzling eatery loaded with Snoopy elements. "PEANUTS DINNER" is unique in relation to other Snoopy-themed eateries in Tokyo. Since it is situated in Yokohama harbor, the design idea took inspirations from the seascape eatery on the west shore of the United States. The sun radiates through the extensive glass windows and watching out through the windows, Yokohama Harbor and ocean views can be seen day and night. As far as appearance, the compositions of Peanut Snoopy are utilized as designs to remind fans: "Snoopy Restaurant is here!". An extensive white light box at the entrance is built with charming Snoopy and PEANUTS DINNER illustrations and the adorable design has turned into the most loved attractions for fans. Yokohama Snoopy Diner Address: 3, 1st, 1st, Shinkan, Naka-ku, Yokohama City MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA 2F Opening hours: 11 am to 11 pm Meal time: 90 minutes Access: JR Sakuragicho Station, 20 minutes on foot

5.Kobe - Snoopy Hotel

Japan's first "PEANUTS HOTEL" (ピーナッツホテル) announced its decision to settle in Kobe at the beginning of 2018. It was finally open on August 1st at fans' expectations. The museum has a total of 18 theme rooms. Snoopy Hotel The reason why the first Snoopy Hotel chose to open in Kobe was because the street atmosphere was similar to Santa Rosa, California, where the studio of Peanut Snoopy was located. Snoopy Hotel is a 6-story building in an exotic setting. The rooms are concentrated on the 4th to 6th floors. Each floor has a different theme, namely "IMAGE" (4th floor) and "HAPPY" (5th floor), "LOVE" (6th floor). There are 18 rooms in the building. In order to allow passengers to immerse themselves in the world of "Peanut Snoopy", 18 rooms used different concept, design and became 18 themes. Each room type is so cute and charming and makes don’t wanna leave once they stay. Address: 1-22-26 Nakayamate-dori Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, 650-0004 Japan Official website: Transportation: JR Sannomiya Station Central Exit 10-15 minutes walk Kobe Subway Sannomiya Station East Exit 8 10 minutes walk

6.Kyoto - Snoopy Tea House, Snoopy Chaya Kyoto Nishiki

The Snoopy Tea House Chaya in Kyoto is located in the Jin Market, which is known as the Kyoto Kitchen. It is converted into a two-story building using the old house. The first floor sells candies and and special vegetable ice cream to-go, as well as Kyoto-limited Snoopy merchandises. The second floor offers an in-house dining spot, including Snoopy Japanese cuisine bento made with Kyoto's seasonal vegetables and ingredients, such as honey beans made with vegetables and Snoopy marshmallows, as well as a variety of desserts and beverages. Snoopy fans can eat well and enjoy taking many pictures here! Address: 480 Nakauoyamachi, Nishikikoji Yanagibaba Nishiiru, Nakagyo-ku Business hours: Tea House 10:30-17:30 in the morning Takeout 10:00-17:30 Merchandise shopping  10:00-18:00

7.Mie-ken Ise-Shi Snoopy Tea House Chaya

Snoopy Chaya The Snoopy Tea House Chaya in Ise, is located on the side of the Ise Shrine to showcase the culture of Japanese hospitality. The nostalgic wooden wall and the cute display of the characters of Peanut Snoopy in kimono can be seen here. The signature menu that’s only offered here is a place you can't miss when visiting the Ise Shrine. Address: 64 Ujiimazaikechō, Ise-shi, Mie-ken 516-0024

8.Kyushu Oita-ken Snoopy Tea House Chaya

Snoopy Chaya Yufuyuan is a popular tourist area in Oita ken. When you come here to enjoy the lake and mountains, you must definitely go to the Snoopy Tea House. It was immediately a hot topic after the opening of the Snoopy Tea House, because it is the world's first Snoopy tea house and the first in Japan. The tea house covers an area of about 1,423 square feet with a total of 50 seats. Unlike the coffee branches across Asia, in addition to the indispensable size of the Snoopy doll decoration, the Snoopy Tea House displays a deep and harmonious feeling from the inside out, and introduces Japanese-style drinks and desserts and selling cute groceries at the same time. Snoopy Chaya The Snoopy Tea House uses Matcha as the main material and introduces a series of "Forest" menu, such as Snoopy Matcha, which is made up of Snoopy Matcha Sundae, Matcha au-lait of green and white, cookies, ice cream and and Matcha biscuits, etc. There are also Japanese traditional candies, light meals; another window that sells matcha fern cake to-go. Address: 1524-27 Yufu-shi, Ōita-ken 879-5102 Opening hours: 10 am to 6 pm

9.Hokkaido Otaru Snoopy Tea House Chaya

With the super popularity of peanut cartoons, the Snoopy craze from the Kyushu hits all the way north, now officially stationed in Hokkaido. The Snoopy Tea House Chaya officially opened in Ogakil. The Snoopy Tea House combines the lovely atmosphere of Peanut Snoopy with the romantic style of the Taisho era. It shows a new look that is seamlessly blended with the ocean. Snoopy Tea House, from meals to snacks, is made with local ingredients, and there is also menu of ice cream to-go and other items to choose from. So if you visit the Hokkaido Otaru area, not only enjoy the Otaru Canal, don’t miss out the lovely local landmark of Snoopy Tea House! Address:  6-4 Sakaimachi, Otaru, Hokkaido 047-0027, Japan Opening hours: Tea House 10:30~17:00 Takeaway 9:30~17:00 Store 9:30~17:30 Planning a spring travel in Japan? Why not try a Hello Kitty Shinkansen bullet train ride? Do you wish to be updated of the cute anime items and attractions around the world? Join Our Fans Page to Stay In Touch!    A Cute Shop Fans Page