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Our store was started in the fall of 2005 - out of love to share anime items from our part of the world and the need to be able to work at home and take care of my daughter at the same time~ Thanks to many dear eBayers who have become fond of our items! The store has been expanding through the struggling stage. My husband began to treat my part-time job seriously in 2006 and supported me wholeheartly with many necessary resources.At the beginning stage like many people else I thought selling online is taking photos of merchandise I like and listing them on eBay to share with friends all over the world, hoping money would flood in.  Ha ha.  But in reality, being an online merchant requires a lot more from a person than simply keeping a job at some big corporates and money is not flooding in as you might imagine. When you are shopping happily on our eBay or online stores, we are working many many hours every day on enormous or tiny tasks behind scenes to make sure you get the best service we can provide at a timely fashion.So here we are a store where you can shop for "かわいい" "可愛" or cuteness and share the cute soul inside you with your friends and family. A Cute Shop hopes to bring you all these high-quality cuddly items that you cannot find at your local stores or websites in your country at very affordable prices. Ware cute people living with things that make you wanna say "か わいい!" or "kawaii!" . Be it a toothbrush, a towel, or a car enblem, mobile phone, MP3 player, home appliances, cooking utensils, clothes, sneakers, bags, stationery, computer stuff, or just any item to decorate the office or home space, all made with th cuddly anime stars we love.
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Our items are cute, but not childish and they are new, offically-licensed and made with the finest quality that is perfect for peronsal use or gifts for any cute soul aged 0~100. They will just melt a tired or cold heart and bring a big smile on any one, kids or adults, young or old, men or women!  We promise.We really appreciate many customers who take time to write to us for our good work or simply give us a positive feedback here. For every positive feedback for us, we feel like pressing on eBay. For every neutral or negative feedback, we just hope there would have been more  or communication beforehand. We're not 100% perfect yet, but we want you to know that we will strive our best service for you - if you could communicate with us on every step of the way for each transaction you do with us. Please write us if you have any doubt.
HERE at A Cute Shop we hope to bring you the cutest anime items that you can keep and treasure at affordable prices. Most importantly, we hope that you will feel moments of relaxation when shopping with us. Quality: All of our products only come from licensed & original suppliers. We source the latest & newest products from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong & Korea. We sell only new, never-used products in their original packaging. Affordable Products: We are committed to offering our unique product line at affordable prices. We scour Asia for high quality items at reasonable prices and pass the savings on to you. After all, discovering a great deal is half the fun of shopping! Satisfaction Guaranteed: We are established, reliable eBay seller and SquareTrade Seal Member that you can trust. You want it? We find for you! If you cannot find items that you want on our store, just drop us an email with a photo. We will try our best to find it for you!
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SKYPE: lovenfashion We build this new site with more user-friendly device to create a better shopping experience for you. If you have any suggestion or opions to a make our site a even better shopping experience for you, please do not hesitate to contact us at acuteshop@gmail.com! You can find us on Google Map! Since 2008, we've been endeavoured to provide service for wholesale customers. If you are a distributor, shop owner or personal seller and you would like to sell our products in your channels, please feel free to write in for inquiry of more wholesale information. To all of you, from all of us - Thank you and Happy Shopping!