Budget-Friendly Ways to Wow Your Love on Valentine's Day!

Extravagance isn't The Key to Wow Your Love on Valentine's DayHey, February 14 is fast approaching! And just in case you have thought about pretending not to notice it is Valentine's Day on its actual date, simply because you do not have much money to spend for an expensive to give your boyfriend, you better think again! Dear, being on a tight budget is never an excuse for you and your partner to spend romantic time together on this special day of love and romance. Valentine's Day is not only about enjoying candle-lit dinner in a five-star hotel or giving jewelry gifts to your beloved. There are many great ways on how you can make this day super fantastic for the both of you.

Valentine Dinner Date on A Budget

Got no money to spend for a romantic dinner on a fancy restaurant? Why not invite your boyfriend to have dinner at your place. (Make sure it's fine with Mom and Dad!)

Set the table for a romantic meal for just the two of you with flowers fresh from your garden and soft music playing on the side. The food to serve does not need to be lavish. A simple homemade dish would be fine.

An Outdoor Valentine Lunch Date

What about an outdoor lunch date at the nearby park? Most parks are open and free to use all year round especially on Valentine's Day. You can bring packed home-cooked food or the usual picnic food items in the picnic basket. Spread a blanket or a table cloth on the grass. Have fun eating your lunch as you enjoy the fresh air in the park and reminiscing your past happy moments together.

A Movie Date

Watching romantic comedy film together either at your place or your boyfriend's is an ideal option if you are under budget but want to celebrate quality time in each other's arms. Prepare some cold beverages, popcorn and chips. This special moment won't cost much but it will surely create memories you can cherish from time to time.

A Romantic Evening Walk

Nature is the best setting for a touch of romance and love. In case you are still in college, there is a great chance that you won't spend big time for Valentine. An evening walk with your boyfriend while holding each others hand or a quiet time together by the beach as you watch the sunset is a non-extravagant way to celebrate love.

Play Sports Together

If both of you love sports, play a game or two of your choice. Come to an agreement about the prize that the winner would get.

Wow Your Boyfriend with Creative Surprises

Giving gifts is one of the many ways on how you can make your Valentine feel special. It's time to make your imagination work if you want to surprise him in the most unusual way.

* If you can go to his house, why not create a Valentine greeting and make it the wall paper of his laptop or desktop computer? This simple gesture will not cost a dime but it surely can touch his manly emotion. It's not something fancy but a very good way to express how special it is for you to make him happy on this day.

* If you have lots of pictures together, you can make a movie or a photo slide with your favorite music as background. You can put captions or make a story out of these pictures. Once done, you can post it on YouTube or Facebook to surprise him. You can also save it on a disc and watch it with him after enjoying your romantic dinner.

* Think about making a "You're The Best Boyfriend Ever" frame. Photo frames can be bought in discount stores or DIY shops. They won't cost too much. An 8" by 10" frame is a good choice for this project. You can use Word Art or letter cut-outs for the words. Include his name for a more personalised touch. This piece of artwork would certainly make him realize how much you love him.

Still not sure on what Valentine's Day gift to give for your boyfriend? Let me share with you -

How to Choose the Best Gift for Him

This day is the best day to show your love and affection for the special man in your life (of course aside from your Father and Brother). For this reason, you should put enough time and effort to choose the right gift that can make him fall more in love with you.

- Think about him. It's that simple! You see, if you look closer into his personality, it would be easier for you to choose the perfect gift for him. Is he the romantic type of guy? the sporty college hero? or the crafty homebody? Once you have identified his personality, finding what to give or activity to share with him on this day would never be a chore.

- Research some more. Ask his friends. Talk to people he often hangs out with. If you have been introduced to his parents, gather more information from them about the things he like.

- Your own touch matters a lot. While, the first two points are good to start with, adding your personal touch is still the key to make your Valentine's Day surprise a Big Hit!

In reality, most men are not overly focused on the Valentine's Day gifts they would receive. Compared to women, a lot of men though not verbally expressive are easily pleased with non-material gifts that share a message from a girl's heart to theirs. So, let your imagination work even harder for you to be able to choose a gift or a way to clearly send the message of caring, love and affection to your boyfriend.

Not having lots of money to spend on precious gifts does not mean you have to skip celebrating Valentine's Day. More than extravagance, this special day should be remembered as the time of year when everyone should rekindle love & romance, make new love relationships blossom further and work on ways for a stronger connection with your partner. Happy Valentine's Day!

Extravagance isn't The Key to Wow Your Love on Valentine's Day