Valentine's Gift Ideas - Hello Kitty, Snoopy & More!Looking for the best Valentine's Day gifts for your love ones? Roses and chocolates are too common. Why not think out of the box and add something special and uaeful to the typical bouquet of flowers usually given on February 14th? We' ve put together a list of the ideal presents to give on this special day of love.

1. Hello Kitty D-Cut Women's XL Crystal Watch Black/White

Your girlfriend will surely say, "WOW!" once she receives this Hello Kitty beautiful with its diamond crystals around its face and super comfy leather strap. The crystals on the bow design make it look more elegant. It's available in Black and White. You can also give it to your fashion-conscious Sister!

This wristwatch would look great on any type of clothing. Jeans, formal pants or skirt, it may be.


2. Hello Kitty Coin Purse Bag Mt. Fuji Red


No more scattered coins for your Mom if you give her this nice Red Hello Kitty coin purse. It's easy to hold, which makes it great to bring when doing her groceries or during an urgent purchase in the nearby convenience store.

Its easy to open clasp closure design makes it convenient to use as a coin bag or for keeping Mom's small cosmetic items.


3.Little Twin Star Bezel Deco Wristwatch


Wondering what to give for that Li'l Sister of yours on Valentine's day? Show her how much you appreciate her sweetness with this charming Little Twin Star Deco Wristwatch? This will surely look great on her tiny wrist when wearing her elegant Sunday outfit. Or even when she dons her usual jeans for malling and strolling around the park.


4. Peanuts Snoopy 18" Stuffed Plush Doll Heart


The best thing to give for your Valentine is pure "LOVE". Your heart stands for love. Giving this huggable Snoopy doll to the Love of your Life is enough for her to feel the deep feelings of affection you feel.


5. Peanuts Snoopy 12" Stuffed Plush Doll Stand and Sit


"Snoopy can sit,Snoopy can stand,
Easy to hold with her tiny hands!"
See the joy and thrill in your niece or young sister's eyes when you hand this soft to cuddle plush doll.


6. Little Twin Star Schedule Book LV Agenda Refills

Is she a busy woman? Perhaps, she's the type of person who wants to make sure her schedule is always on track. Show her you appreciate her being organized by giving this schedule book refills. She'll be impressed, for sure!



7. Hello Kitty Auto Rear Pocket Pink Leopard

Hello Kitty fanatics driving a car will be happy to get this Hello Kitty Auto Rear Pocket that clings to headrest backseat. It's a tidy solution for those papers, magazine or even tiasue she keeps inside the vehicle.




8.Hello Kitty Head Shape Handy Bag Leopard Sanrio

Mommies love Hello Kitty + Fashion! And so does most ladies! If yours adores this fashionable Feline friend, give her this stylish bag this Valentine's Day. It's spacious and nice to use to complement plain-colored outfits.


9. Peanuts Snoopy Car Neck Rest Cushion Pillow

Show your Dad how much you care for him by giving this Snoopy Car Neck Cushion. During a long drive or even short ones, driving can be stressful especially in th neck part. With a neck cushion pillow, Mr. Driver can take the time to sit back with his neck aupported comfortably by this Snoopy neck rest pillow.



10.Chococat Ceramic Mug

Great gift for coffee lovers. This Chococat ceramic mug is an ideal present for those who love drinking hot beverages. It's made from high-quality ceramic material suitable for hot chocolate and coffee. Can be a good Valentine gift for both man and woman.



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