kitty headThe popularity of our adorable feline friend, Hello Kitty is unquestionable. You can find her anywhere- toys, school supplies, gadgets, lunchboxes, personal accessories and a whole lot more. She’s practically everywhere – even in rice cookers and baby essentials! This charming kitty favorite described to measure 3 apples in height and 5 apples in weight has billions or even trillions of avid fans all around the globe. We love her totally. The fascination is tremendous that we want to buy each and every Hello Kitty product released in the market to include in our collection. But how well do we really know this cute and sociable kitty favorite of ours? Read on to learn more about Hello Kitty here.


  1. When did Hello Kitty got her name?

kitty familyAlthough she was created in 1974, it was only in 1975 when Hello Kitty got her name.  In the beginning, when she was designed as a kitty with a little red bow she has no name yet. It was only in 1975, when she got her name, Hello Kitty. This was also the year when her whole family was introduced.




2. Hello Kitty has a twin sister. What is her name?

kitty and mimmyHer name is Mimmy and you normally see her wearing her yellow bow on her right ear. Compared to her twin sister who is sociable, Mimmy has an introvert personality.




3. Who designed the first Hello Kitty?

This charming bobtail cat was first created by Japanese designer, Yuko (Ikuko) Shimizu. She was illustrated wearing her red bow on her left ear and a well-defined mark on her left arm. However,  Yuko Yamaguchi is the main designer for most of Hello Kitty's history.


4. Based on character profile, when was Hello Kitty born?

Based on her legitimate character profile, Hello Kitty was born in the suburbs of London, England. She was born on the 1st of November, 1974.

5. What is Hello Kitty’s full name?

She was named Kitty White.

1st purse6In what product was Hello Kitty first seen?

While she is seen in almost every item worldwide now, from school supplies to baby products and essential consumer goods, her debut appearance was in a coin purse in Japan (1974). She was shown seated between a bottle of milk and a golden fishbowl.  It was released in the United States after two years (1976).



7. Since Hello Kitty is studying, what grade is she in?

Hello Kitty is studying and she is in the 3rd grade. Music, English and Art are her favorite subjects in school.

8. What is Hello Kitty’s favorite dessert?

Though she also loves helping in the kitchen and desires to bake cookies most of the time, the world’s most loved kitty loves eating her Mama’s homemade apple pie.

9. Hello Kitty’s Mama is Mary, what is her Papa’s name?

Her Papa goes by the name of George. He is absent-minded. But despite that, he has a great sense of humor and very responsible.

Hello Kitty's Papamama

10. What is the real name of Hello kitty’s boyfriend, Dear Daniel?

The full name of Dear Daniel is Daniel Starr.  He has impressive fashion sense and good in playing the piano. He was born on May 3 in London.daniel

11. Where does Hello Kitty hide the key of her jewelry box?

The key to her jewelry box is kept in her pet, Charmmy Kitty’s necklace. Just like real persons, the kitty loved the all around the globe owns a Persian cat. She named it Charmmy Kitty. Her pet is instantly attracted to anything that shines. To make sure that she won’t misplace the keys to her jewelry box, she kept it in her obedient pet’s necklace.Charmmy Kitty

12.Who gave Hello Kitty her pet hamster?

Dear Daniel gave her a pet hamster.

13. In what year, Sanrio started making darker Hello Kitty designs?

Sanrio launched more black and less pink Hello Kitty designs in 2007. This was done in order to keep with the present trends in Japan during that time. This marked the creation of styles that are not directly kawaii-inspired.

14. What was the title of the first animated television show devoted to Hello Kitty?

Hello Kitty’s Furry Tale Theater was the first cartoon entirely dedicated to this iconic character. This 13 episode show featuring spoofs of well-known fairy tales and movies was aired in 1987 through US CBS Television.

15. Where is the first Hello Kitty-themed hospital located?

The first Hello Kitty-themed maternity hospital in Yuanlin, Taiwan opened in 2008. The hospital’s owner believe that featuring the world’s much loved feline on nurses’ uniform, linens, receiving blankets, and room decors would help establish the ambience that would alleviate the pain associated with giving birth.Hello Kitty HospitalHello Kitty Hospital

16. In what year and month did Japan designated Hello Kitty as it’s Tourism Ambassador to Hongkong and China?

Hello Kitty was designated as Japan’s ambassador for tourism to China and Hongkong in May, 2008. Due to the immense popularity of Hello Kitty in children and young women population in HongKong and China, the government officials of Japan believed that she will make a good tourism emissary.

17. Hello Kitty was first seen in a PC game in 2010, what is the title of that game?

She was first seen in a very challenging PC game titled, I Wanna Be a Boshy. Released in 2010, she is featured here as the first boss character.

18. What debit card started featuring Hello Kitty design in 2004?

MasterCard started issuing Hello Kitty themed debit cards since 2004.  Bank of America issued checking accounts with Hello Kitty theme in 2009. The cutesy face of the world’s favorite cat can be seen on checks and Visa Debit card issued to account holders.Bank of America Hello Kitty Debit Card

19. What product was released together with the Hello Kitty in tennis outfit design in 1980?

In 1980, the first Hello Kitty digital watch was publicly released. It was immensely accepted by consumers with more than a million sold as recorded. It was also during this year when Hello Kitty design showing her donning a tennis outfit with a ball and racket on her hand was unveiled.

20. What is the title of Hello Kitty’s first movie?

The worldwide kitty icon’s first movie was titled, “Kitty and Mimi’s New Umbrella. The movie was made in 1981. This was also the year when Hello Kitty-themed electronic goods like cameras and telephones were launched and sold in the market.

21In 1982, Sanrio removed Hello Kitty’s outline to make it more drawn to its background. Along with this change, what part in Hello Kitty’s face was adjusted in position?

Hello Kitty’s usual black silhouette disappeared in 1982. A bit of adjustment to the position of her eyes were also done.

22. What year did Sanrio unveiled its Black and White Hello Kitty series?

With the objective of broadening its clientele scope, Sanrio introduced the Black & White series in 1987.

23. In what year was the SanrioPuroland theme park opened to the public?  1990.

24. In 1993, Hello Kitty was awarded the title UNICEF Child Ambassador to Japan. What year was she named UNICEF Special Friend of Children to the United States?   1983.

25. Another change was made in the Hello Kitty design in 1993. The usual bow on her ear was removed. What replaced it?

A flower was used to replace the bow on Hello Kitty’s left ear. This change marked the beginning of Hello Kitty’s new look.

(UPDATE) Something you DIDN'T KNOW about Hello Kitty -

1. Sanrio isn't a cat! Hello Kitty Isn't A Cat!15129350755_581082e315_b

2. The speculation has it that Hello Kitty was originally intended to be a boy. 

This comes from a mini-book that one used to be able to get along with the purchase of Sanrio goods, in which Kitty’s sister Mimmy calls her “onii-chan”, the Japanese word for older brother.

This speculation is still unfounded, but with that bright red bow it’s difficult for us to see her as a boy! -