Are you a Hello Kitty fan and wish for a Hello Kitty wedding? Not sure where to begin? Envision a few wedding items that suit your budget and personality. Whether it's a wedding cake that your friend can help you make, or a wedding invitation you can easily find someone at ETSY to customize for you, there are so many options to make your own Hello Kitty wedding at a small budget. Also think colors, patterns, and symbols that are meaningful to you: A pretty Hello Kitty & Daniel pillow can inform an entire wedding theme. Your Hello Kitty wedding style can also be inspired by your favorite Hello Kitty style. We've even seen weddings themed after small wedding souvenirs for guests, table flowers with Hello Kitty face, and decorative ballons. This is also the time to determine the formality of your wedding. Once you've nailed down your wedding style and formality, it's time to start thinking of creative ways to tie in your theme. Great places to tie in wedding themes include your stationery, lighting design, centerpiece vases, and tablecloths. Tip for the taking: Don't be afraid to think outside the typical season-inspired fall wedding or three-color combo theme to pull off a Hello Kitty wedding style as unique as you. Here below find some Hello Kitty wedding theme ideas!
  1. Hello Kitty wedding invitationhello_kitty_mqktdfimages (2)
  2. Hello Kitty wedding gawn - simply sew a few Hello Kitty plushes on to your wedding gawn! Hello-Kitty-Wedding-ni-Nicole-Hyala-at-Jowadik-Ren-12
  3. Hello Kitty wedding decoration cyzsvpyusaegadv
hello-kitty-decorations 4.Hello Kitty wedding cakef0a562158cf451d37847e3cba476e285 5. Hello Kitty wedding bouquet58755b9a4d887c353393db9ff090cf568449cb90e78d202eda474e8330da299a 6. Hello Kitty table flowerdc0756386868663a823fbeeb0df37a95937afc222e0af0dfb4edeb310bf12bb1 7. Hello Kitty wedding souvenirs for guests! imagesed863bd4efa572233c77a9d341f87e28 10 8. Hello Kitty & Daniel Pillow4891595910500-1 9. Hello Kitty & Daniel Wedding Plushes 4901610500613-1_1 10. Hello Kitty wedding red envelopesdsc_0140 11. Hello Kitty & Daniel Chinese wedding  Double Happiness 囍字貼 dsc_011912. Hello Kitty thank you cards.hello-kitty-invitation-pink-tags UT8Bh5BXetXXXagOFbXRMaking your own Hello Kitty theme wedding that convey  your love for Hello Kitty is not as hard to you think! With some planning and thoughts, you could definitely plan your own unique Hello Kitty wedding at your own budget!! You can definitely find some help to customize your own Hello Kitty wedding items at etsy!screencapture-etsy-search-weddings-2018-05-13-17_21_59 Or you already have one memorable Hello Kitty wedding, why not share with us! We'd love to hear from you!! Find us on facebookinstagramPinterest or Twitter!