Say No To Piracy. Avoid Counterfeit Hello Kitty Goods

Further to our previous article on "Top Clues to Identify Fake From Authentic Hello Kitty Items", many online shoppers often ask why the prices of authentic Hello Kitty items are much higher than those of unauthentic products, since they both look the same.

When sellers sell non-authentic products online, they usually post authentic images to attract viewers. In this case, viewers have no way of knowing whether they are looking at a fake product before receiving it.

We talked to a technical company who is specialized in providing the laser stickers to Sanrio to reveal to our readers and customers the tips to train yourself become a Sanrio items expert! With knowledge of the following information, you can spot fake Hello Kitty items by yourself easily! And if you cannot decide whehter your purchase is authenthic or fake, please feel free to contact us for further help or contact your local Sanrio official website to report a fake item.

You know what? 90% of  Sanrio items come with Hologram Security Labels, so-called laser tags.
Do you know the laser tags have the following features?

Point reading

Look closely at the printing of many small black dots on the label. It should be a dot-reading code and must be interpreted by a special instrument.

●Finnel lens

Hello Kitty body has embossed effect

●Invisible serial number

It is barely visible to the naked eye. Requires special wave-length light source to be visible

●Product authorization information

Authorized company, authorized area, authorization number

Multi-segment changes

Rotate to see that the background pattern will change from "sanrio" to "bow", and both have depth of field effect

●Password invisible anti-counterfeiting effect

It is a simple color block under the naked eye, and special text can be seen only with a laser tester. Highly confidential

What to do when you receive your purchase?

Step 1: Identify laser fake labels

You can confirm: point-to-read code, Fischer lens, product authorization information, multi-segment changes

Step 2: Bowknot and Sanrio image change effect

Obviously distinguishable anti-counterfeiting features. Rotate the label to identify whether the background has two patterns, "sanrio" and bow, and has depth of field.

Step 3: There are many "moles" on Hello Kitty's face (click to read the code)

It should be easier to see with a magnifying glass. If a counterfeiter does not know its coding principle, it cannot counterfeit it, so it is difficult to imitate it through photocopying.

Falsified report: change code serial number = ID number
There will be a set of change code serial number on each label. This is a unique change code. Just like the ID number, each product will be different. Therefore, if you feel that the product is suspected of counterfeiting, you can contact your local Sanrio official site for help. Need to send back the product and authorization label

How to  Distinguish Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan version?

●Hong Kong Version

The Hong Kong version of the product must have an orange authorization sticker, which is easy to identify. At the same time, you can see HK on the text label.

●Japanese version

Most of them will indicate the product name. For example, the MN in the name in the photo is shorthand for Marshmallow Cat. If it is kitty, it will write KT, and the big-eared dog will be labeled CN. The Japanese text behind it is the product name.

●Taiwan version

Usually there is a label with a Chinese description, if there is no label, it is usually printed directly on the top of the article

And in the Japanese version, in the product label, the Japanese currency price, tax and U.S. dollar price, as well as detailed club information, service hours and website will tell you all.

●Physical Retail Stores
Japan itself has four stores and four channels for different ethnic groups:


Designed for the whole family to shop together, a happy and warm shopping space that mainly sells various daily necessities.


This series is aimed at teenagers and is designed to be in line with the latest fashion trends, as well as cute and personalized products.


This series is designed for women who are already adults but can't forget to be cute.


This series is a delightful variety of kitty products, a shopping space that is sure to satisfy kt fans from adults to children.

Merchandise Series Logic


Sanrio products all have a series of affiliations, and they are rarely sold individually, so you can see if they belong to any series.


Different counters and ordinary Kitty products have different tags, that is, products such as Sanrio LICENSE tags, it is absolutely impossible to have the internal standard of the VIVITIX series, or a Hello Kitty or the like.

All in all, when you buy a low-price counterfeit Sanrio item, you buy the print rather than the good quality and good design! Although it feels very old-fashioned, let us "say no to piracy" together. Only in this way can Sanrio have more energy to provide more beautiful products! Support genuine, starting from you and me!

Again & finally, if you need help on telling if the Hello Kitty items you bought or are going to buy are fake or not, we're happy to help you! We're Hello Kitty merchandise expert and 100% confident we can help you avoid the fake/unauthentic items from loss of money or reputation. Please feel free to contact us any time!