Hello Kitty, a cartoon character created by Sanrio Japan in 1974, is a good childhood memory of many. The healing charm has now conquered the Japanese cosmetics brand INTEGRATE. In cooperation with "mouth cat", the INTEGRATE x Hello Kitty series was launched, featuring powder boxes, eyeshadow palettes and portable mirrors, making the spokesperson, Sunstar Komatsu Nana erupt with girls' hearts.

The INTEGRATE x Hello Kitty series is the first to launch the "Soft Focus Gentle Beauty Powder n" and Hello Kitty co-branded powder box set. This powder is the No. 1 best seller of Japan open-shelf foundation sales. The powder is added with a makeup powder and a high concealing polishing powder. There are a total of #OC10 and #OC20 two-color options; another hot-selling base makeup translucent soft light foundation jelly, which is sold with Hello Kitty customized portable mirror and exclusive storage case.

INTEGRATE eyeshadow is an indispensable weapon for the spokesperson Nana Komatsu to create mystical and mysterious eyes. The two joint eye color palettes are #BR703 in earth brown and orange tones and #PK704 in dry rose tones. The 3 colors on the left of each palette are gradient colors. Depicts a natural and deep eye makeup. The 2 colors on the right are glossy colors, which can be layered on top of the eyeshadow or strengthened on the Aegyo sal. You can easily do all kinds of daily, outing and party makeup.

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