Japanese pudding specialty shop Pastel has come up with a Hello Kitty dessert lineup that includes two types of pudding and a roll-cake.

The Hello Kitty Mini Pudding takes this classic dessert as a base with a whipped cream topping decorated with a cocoa powder rendering of the character, to be made available until the end of May, and for the whole of June.

The company also came up with a more elaborate Hello Kitty Strawberry Cake Pudding, which includes a pudding base with sponge cake, strawberries, berry sauce, and strawberry cream, topped off with a Hello Kitty marshmallow.

Finally, there's a Hello Kitty roll cake that can be shared by a group of people. The sponge roll is encased in salted caramel cream and pudding. The cake is beautifully embellished with chocolate elements such as Kitty's bow.

Pastel Pudding's Hello Kitty dessert tributes will be available till the end of June.

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