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Beginning within the late '90s with the well-loved TV present and persevering with with the continued comics written by Jordie Bellaire, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the 'Buffyverse' proceed to entertain and delight followers. One of many methods Buffy retains followers is in a slew of fixing villains, a few of that are hilariously lame, whereas others are genuinely terrifying or downright cool.

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The Buffyverse has at all times delivered a very good dose of comedy, and it loves poking enjoyable at itself with outlandish, over-the-top villains, in addition to some which are simply plain lame. Whereas there's some crossover between the TV present and the comics, the principle comedian villains come after season seven, when the present got here to an finish.

12 Lamest: Vampy Cats

The vampy cat plush doll in Buffy Comics

Whereas these weren't 'most important' villains, they get an honorable point out as a few of the weirdest, and lamest, villains within the Buffy comedian books. These demon cat-like dolls, modeled after 'Hiya Kitty,' seem within the Buffyverse comics in season eight.

Showing as innocent stuffed animals, these demons are bought by unsuspecting victims and introduced into their households. The Vampy Cats then possess the people by crawling into their mouths. Fortunately, and grossly, they are often vomited out too. The Vampy Cats are a hilariously lame instance of a comic book Buffyverse villain.

11 The Sculptor

The Sculptor roaring and attacking

This villain was fairly hideous, with 4 eyes and waxlike, melting pores and skin. He was in a position to create and management flesh golems, that are undead spirits encased in useless flesh. The Sculptor's necromantic talents have been fairly cool, however its unlucky look made it somewhat lame for a villain. The Sculptor additionally depends on its flesh golems as weapons and, as soon as the golems are defeated, is definitely pretty weak as a villain. He crops up in season ten alongside The Mistress and The Soul Glutton.

10 The Soul Glutton

The Soul Glutton as seen in Buffy Comics

This villain, which appeared in season ten, lived in its personal hell dimension, consuming human souls and changing into bigger and extra highly effective in consequence. When its household is killed by an Aztecan Slayer, the Soul Glutton vows to avenge them and finds a chance in Buffy.

Being an eater of souls and having a blood vendetta towards the Slayers makes this villain extra attention-grabbing than many different run-of-the-mill unhealthy guys. For this villain, the combat is private, and this makes the Soul Glutton much more attention-grabbing.

9 The Mistress

The Mistress in the Buffy comics

The Mistress seems in season ten of the Buffy Comics. She is the chief of a gaggle of sirens who lure males into bars after which devour them. The sirens use a hypnotizing tune to entrance their prey. Spike and Xander discover themselves inclined to the tune and are virtually eaten.

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The Mistress, together with her octopus-like tentacles, has been likened to Ursula, the sea-witch humanoid octopus from The Little Mermaid. She wasn't the best-looking villain, however she did management a pack of siren demons, making her a reasonably cool villain.

8 Severin the Siphoner

Severin breaking a long piece of paper

Severin was a vampire slayer from San Francisco who turned Buffy's enemy in season 9 after she destroyed the Seed of Surprise. He has the facility to siphon off supernatural powers and initially makes use of this to combat demons and vampires. Nonetheless, after changing into a villain, he tries to rob Buffy of her supernatural powers and he might have succeeded if he hadn't been shot. He will get a couple of cool factors for his talents and some lame factors for turning towards the Slayer.

7 Maloker

Maloker as seen in Buffy Comics

Maloker is an Previous One, an ancient and powerful demon, and the unique creator of the vampires. He shares most of the vampires' weaknesses, together with stakes and fireplace. In season 9, this villain takes over Dracula's physique with the intention to obtain corporeal type however is pushed out of Dracula's physique when Daybreak stakes him.

Nonetheless, Dracula can survive staking, as can the immortal consciousness of Maloker. Maloker might have misplaced his physique, however he nonetheless lives and can seemingly come again in one other type. This can be a fairly cool trick and makes him a really highly effective foe.

6 D'Hoffryn

D'Hoffryn floating and talking

Followers first meet the demon D'Hoffryn within the Buffy TV present, the place he's launched as a form of boss/father determine of vengeance demons like Anya. He later seems within the comics that proceed after the present ends. D'Hoffryn is a really highly effective higher-level vengeance demon.

His many talents and powers embrace with the ability to teleport between dimensions, create portals, fly, and trigger individuals to spontaneously combust. All these talents make D'Hoffryn a formidable foe, and one of many cooler villains of the Buffy comics.

5 Angel

Angel and Buffy on the cover of Buffy Comics

Within the comics following the end of the TV show, Angel assumes god-like powers and turns into the masked 'Twilight' persona. Twilight and Whistler persuade Angel that with the intention to save the earth from destruction, he has to proper the imbalance created by all of the potential Slayers being referred to as.

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Nonetheless, as a part of this plan for the larger good, he leads a gaggle of villains who kill over 200 Slayers. The truth that he did all of this as Angel and never Angelus makes the carnage a lot worse. His competence in creating havoc, his mendacity to Buffy, and his duplicitous habits, all made Angel an interesting and terrifying villain.

4 Joanna Smart

Joanna Wise talking to someone

Joanna is a power-hungry human villain who makes herself right into a magic-using cyborg. Joanna has the power to wield the mixed magic of many supernatural beings, together with witches, werewolves, and demons. She is ready to do a considerable amount of harm to her enemies in a combat, and as a cyborg may be very troublesome to hurt in return.

One of many coolest issues about this villain is that on prime of being a super-foe with the mixed attributes of so many different villains, she can be a Senator who can manipulate occasions on a political scale. She is ultimately defeated when Willow throws her into the mouth of a dragon that Joanna herself summoned.

3 Harth Fray

A close up of Harth Fray as seen in Buffy Comics

Harth is a personality who seems in season twelve, which is about a number of centuries sooner or later. As a younger teenager, he makes use of precognition to save lots of himself throughout a vampire assault by determining how you can flip himself right into a vampire. This superb feat permits him to imagine management of the vampires of his metropolis as a form of messiah. He finds a method to convey the previous Buffy Summers into the longer term with the intention to kill her. He manages the time-traveling however doesn't reach killing Buffy, who returns to her personal time.

Having precognition, partaking in time journey, and main a metropolis of vampires on the age of fourteen make this character one of the coolest villains in the Buffyverse.

2 Simone Doffler

Simone Doffler ponting a gun accompanied by a group of women

Simone is a rogue Slayer who believes in her personal superiority over common people. Whereas she began out on Buffy's aspect, Simone felt constrained by guidelines and ultimately took different Slayers together with her on a extra excessive path. In season 9, she steals a cache of contemporary weapons and takes over an Italian island, forcing its inhabitants out. Followers can not help however be reminded of a youthful Religion, loving the combat, hating the foundations, and pondering she is healthier than everybody else and might do no matter she needs.

Simone's legal actions and excessive strategies ultimately put her in direct opposition to Buffy. Simone units out to kill Buffy, attempting to change into a zombie-vampire to take action. She additionally releases the Previous One, Maloker, to assist in her try and do away with Buffy. The transition from evil-fighting Slayer to zompire makes this character an interesting villain.

1 Coolest: Twilight

The Twilight dimension as seen in Buffy Comics

This villain's coolness comes from being the consciousness of a complete dimension that someway has sentience. In season eight, the Twilight dimension seeks to supplant the present Earth dimension, erasing it and present as an alternative. As a method of bringing this about, Twilight is ready to manipulate many people, most notably Angel, into doing its bidding. Twilight's standing as a complete dimension makes it the good Buffy comedian villain.

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