Pictured is a pink Hello Kitty chair with other Kitty-chan branded gaming gear.

This time, she dragged her friends in.
Image: © 2021 SANRIO CO., LTD. Used Under License.

This was inevitable! Razer is teaming up with Sanrio for a whole bunch of Hello Kitty and Friends branded gaming gear, and it includes a gaming chair, and headphones. I am not surprised. No one is surprised. This is, after all, Hello Kitty we’re talking about.

“Come along with Hello Kitty and Friends this holiday as they embark on an extraordinary journey to a place where limits are exceeded, epic plays are celebrated, and friendships are cherished above all else,” reads the Razer site. “Experience this adventure with exciting Razer gear as you share unforgettable moments and winning smiles with each other—because as Hello Kitty always says, ‘You can never have too many friends’, or wins.” I would disagree. It is possible to have both too many friends and too many wins.

Regardless, Hello Kitty and her buddies like Keroppi and Badtz-maru have been slapped on Razer’s gaming mouse, mousepad, the Razer Iskur X gaming chair, and the Razer Kraken BT Kitty. But Kitty-chan is used to this. She ends up on pretty much anything.

In Japan, there’s an urban legend that Hello Kitty cannot pick her jobs—meaning, that she’ll sell anything, from Japanese beef to toilet paper. This might explain why she’s plastered on all sorts of stuff, without seeming to be that picky. It’s so extreme that a number of years back, a blogger named Jeffrey S. ran a blog called Hello Kitty Hell. In it, he would describe all the things Hello Kitty was pushing, from the Hello Kitty chainsaw to the infamous Hello Kitty vibrator. In comparison, Hello Kitty gaming gear makes more sense, I guess!

So, if a product needs a character branding, Hello Kitty seems more than happy to take part. This time, it’s selling Razer gaming gear. Tomorrow? Who knows!

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