Snoopy admirers pay attention! Snoopy, a well-known cartoon character, and Taiwan Post Office recently collaborated for the first time to introduce a combined line of philatelic goods. Snoopy was transformed into a super-cute postman. Really adorable is the messenger bag! On June 30, Taiwan will begin selling the entire series. For interested fans who want to purchase these limited edition items, we also provide a pre-order service. Take note of the link to the store pre-order at the bottom of the page.

Unveiling of the "SNOOPY The Postman" philatelic product line from Taiwan Chung Hwa Post

Starting June 30, 2022, Taiwan Chunghwa Post will debut a popular SNOOPY co-branded series. Snoopy will don a postman's hat, tote a messenger bag, and team up with his pal Woodstock to morph into limited edition peripherals that will appeal to fans' wallets with their sweetest appearance.

The limited-edition co-branded goods combine two life-improving things for use at home and on the road, and they include the "Happy Music Bell," "Tongle Travel Bag," "Tender Canvas Bag," "Postal Mug," "Plush Doll Charm," and numerous other adorable postcards, stickers, and message stickers.

Limited edition Snoopy the Postman Gift Set A will be available, and it will include 2 mugs, 2 plush dolls, postcards, stickers, message stickers, postal packs, canvas bags, and canvas bags. There are also two additional bonuses with purchase, such as a "Commemorative Poster" and a "Exquisite Exclusive Tote Bag." Only a small number of 888 sets are available.

Limited Edition SNOOPY The Postman Merchandise from Taiwan Post Office For Fans' Collection

The following goods are also sold separately:
Canvas Bag
Two images may brighten your day, whether it's Snoopy in a postman's outfit or a letter from Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

Chunghwa Post x Snoopy Postal Mug
Snoopy and Woodstock come in two different varieties. Snoopy is sporting a postman's hat.

Chunghwa Post x Snoopy Plush Doll Charm
Snoopy and Woodstock are available in a total of two iterations. Everyone's heart is healed by the fluffy touch and adorable figure.

Chunghwa Post x Snoopy Mood Message Tapes
With its six adorable patterns, easy-to-write molded paper, and intelligent tear-off design, the super-cute Snoopy paper tape allows you to capture precious moments with Snoopy by your side.

Chunghwa Post x Snoopy Tongle Travel Bag The striking yellow-green color combination, large size, and cross-body strap design make this bag both functional and fashionable.

Chunghwa Post x Snoopy Happy Music Bell The warm, wet texture of wood is used to frame the SNOOPY postman and the traditional features of the mail, and the music playing in the mail truck surrounds Woodstock, which is lovely and adorable.

Additionally, there is a Sentimental Postage Pack that includes two badges, one sticker, one universal card, one envelope, and one custom stamp, only a certain number are available for purchase. Sale day: June 30, 2022

Snoopy the Postman's Gift Set B along with The Snoopy Small Mail Train will be available on August 10 in a limited number of 888 sets. Along with a "cute bookmark," "commemorative poster," "metal luggage tag," and a "exquisite special gift box," it also comes with a "happy music bell," "fun travel bag," "kind postage pack," "teaser tiny mail car," and "limited commemorative small mail car."

Snoopy The Postman Collectibles pre-order is now available in our store! Move on to check NOW!