National Palace Museum X SNOOPY Hardcover Desk Calendar 2022

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A dream co-branded table calendar that everyone wants to get GET - Taiwan National Palace Museum X SNOOPY Desk Calendar is launched.

Taiwan's National Palace Museum X SNOOPY Hardcover Desk Calendar is launched! The National Palace Museum recently collaborated with the American classic peanut comic "PEANUTS" and presented SNOOPY and the famous cultural relics of the Forbidden City. Through SNOOPY, we will lead everyone to learn about the cultural relics of the Palace Museum of Taiwan! The well-known and popular cultural relics in the Forbidden City and SNOOPY are integrated into the monthly calendar with exquisite paintings and concise annotations. We already reserved some copies in pre-order as they are both classic and epic!

Super surprise! Unimaginable new artistic perspective

This time the Forbidden City has changed the sense of dignity in everyone’s impression, and there is no humorous stalk of the ancients that has ignited the topic in the past. In each month of the calendar, ancient cultural relics and SNOOPY graphics are used to depict a new and interesting look. Whether it is Ru Kiln Lotus Wen bowls, Wang Xizhi's calligraphy, Mao Gongding, cloisonné enamel box with lotus pattern, Huang Gongwang Fuchunshan living picture to Qianlong's swimming fish turn heart bottle, all have SNOOPY cute and pleasing design, in a more vivid and close to life way, Lead everyone through the history of Chinese art and experience the combination of classical aesthetics and SNOOPY characters from a new perspective!

"National Palace Museum X SNOOPY (2022) Hardcover Desk Calendar" was first revealed on October 27, with a 5% discount on early bird.

See it first! Just let us unbox the surprise and show you the first glimpse.

Want to know how SNOOPY and the Forbidden City show up in 12 months? Read along!

Northern Song Dynasty "Ru Kiln Celadon Lotus Style Warm Bowl"

In February, the Northern Song Dynasty "Ru Kiln Celadon Lotus-like Warm Bowl" was the main design theme. The refreshing color echoes the azure color of the warm bowl, combined with SNOOPY design elements, and the fun of traveling around the world with the warm bowl, which is super pleasing.
Jin Dynasty "Wang Xizhi Quick Snow Time Qing Post"

In March and April, when the spring is full of breath, what we will show you is the super-appropriate scene-the magic of the Jin Dynasty "Wang Xizhi Quick Snow Time Qing Post".

Qianlong once described Wang Xizhi's calligraphy style as "Dragon jumping into the sky, tiger lying on the phoenix pavilion." Therefore, SNOOPY is designed to be the "dragon" of the Dragon Leaping Heaven Gate, with the Qianlong inscription and seal, presenting the wit of SNOOPY and this work.

Late Western Zhou Dynasty "Mao Gong Ding"

In May and June, "Mao Gongding" appeared in the late Western Zhou Dynasty. As the most well-known bronze ware and the treasure of the Forbidden City, Mao Gongding has been passed down to modern times through various eras. His story is like a scene of historical silhouettes. Therefore, the silhouette image of SNOOPY and the relevant bronze green are perfectly balanced and too heavy. Historical imprint.

Ming Dynasty Jingtai "Cloison Enamel Box with Lotus Pattern"

In July and August, during the hot summer months, the Forbidden City and SNOOPY table calendars feature the "Cloison enamel box with lotus pattern" of the Ming Dynasty. It captures the turquoise blue enamel tone and the lapis lazuli filigree pattern of the lotus flower, so that the silhouette of SNOOPY is in The saturated and vivid colors have the unique beauty of the fusion of Chinese and Western, coupled with the ingenious composition of the kaleidoscope maze of the lotus flower, the whole has a sense of childlike atmosphere for summer vacation.

Yuan Dynasty "The Picture of Huang Gongwang Living in Fuchun Mountain"

In September and October, the "Fuchun Mountain Residence" painted by the literati painter Huang Gongwang of the Yuan Dynasty is based on the strong autumnal earth tone and the line design of the towering mountains. SNOOPY swims in the scenery of Fuchun Mountain, which is connected by the peaks and peaks. It conveys the joyful beauty of an outing in autumn.

At the end of the winter in November and December, the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong's desk decorated the "Golden Fish with Fish Turning Heart Bottle" for the end.

Since the fish can be seen swimming in a pleasant surprise when the bottleneck is turned, it is called the "Turning Heart Bottle", which can be said to be the source of pleasure for Emperor Qianlong's office. This time, the SNOOPY pattern combines the gorgeous patterned bead string on the revolving bottle, and SNOOPY and his good friends are strung together like beads on the stage, lively and joyous.

After reading the online unboxing of this calendar, do you find such a joint collaboration super attractive? It is said that in addition to this set of "National Palace Museum X SNOOPY (2022) Hardcover Desk Calendar" which will be released on October 27th, more co-branded products will be launched at the end of the year. If you are SNOOPY addict, with unique tastes of design sense objects, you really need to pay close attention and don't miss it!

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