A Friend’s Review of A Cute Shop New Site
  My daughter's birthday is just two weeks away but I still haven't figured out what present to give her. Although, she is not bringing up the topic the way she used to when she was younger, I feel happier if I can give her something she would really love to have. It's not only her day but also mine. And why not? When it's the day when she came into our lives....the day when I became a Mother - the essence of being a woman, so to speak! Thanks to the Internet for introducing online shopping and all the perks that come with it. I so love the fact that I can search through different shops without living the comforts of my own couch. Since I am a stay at home Mom, I can easily turn to our home PC each time I need to buy something. And so my search for the perfect birthday present to give to Katie started... If there is one gift that can make Katie shriek with delight that's Hello Kitty! Last Christmas, I gave her a Hello Kitty Canvas Tote Bag. Her thrilled shout and excited face expression is still fresh in my mind! And I know exactly where to find the next gift for my daughter, who like me is a Great Hello Kitty and Sanrio fan -------> A Cute Shop! After doing my home chores, I turned the computer on and typed http://acuteshop.com in the URL box of the browser. Where I was directed to I thought to be a different one from the online shop where I bought the Hello Kitty items in the past. But the URL I typed is correct. Well, obviously I am actually on the right site with a new look and improved features. .....The Enhanced A Cute Shop! [caption id="attachment_502" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Indulge in the world of Hello Kitty items at  A Cute Shop! Indulge in the world of Hello Kitty items at A Cute Shop![/caption] During my past visits to this Hello Kitty online kingdom, I was fascinated with the variety of anime items available. It is easy to navigate through the site and the most important thing - payment processing is secure! I got my ordered item after two days as promised! But there is more to love from it now! Interactive Feature = Shopping Anytime, Anywhere As I was checking several items to choose from, my sister told me that she needs my help in doing her groceries for an impromptu party in her house. But I don't want to cut my excitement in viewing the stuffs until I have narrowed down my list and come up with the best and final choice of item to buy for my sweet young lady! Imagine how relieved I was after realising that A Cute Shop is now interactive! So I borrowed my son's iPad (after nearly 20 minutes of negotiation!), got the car's key and drive to fetch my sister and take her to Walmart. She shops while I continue to do my own shopping online on the iPad. Rewards! Bonuses...and More! Who would say no to freebies and rewards? Not me? I love bonus points and discounts as much as I adore Hello Kitty! What about getting the following perks? [caption id="attachment_504" align="aligncenter" width="914"]A Cute Shop Reward Points Scheme A Cute Shop Reward Points Scheme[/caption] - Refer a Friend = Free Shopping Credits I was so engrossed with my online shopping that I did not notice my sister is done with hers and now sneaking into what keeps me busy the whole time. A Sanrio collector herself, she wants to sign up for the newsletter as well. And this means, free shopping credits for me when she registers and begins shopping. - Reward Points The more you shop, the more points you earn. I even used the points I earned when I checked out. That's money-saving, indeed! - Discount Coupons Isn't it practical to shop things we love at discounted prices? Lucky me, because I can still use the 15% discount coupon I got for the Hello Kitty tote bag I purchased last December. Awesome! discount coupons   - Free Hello Kitty Bunny Bag for me! The new and more enhanced online site of A Cute Shop has been launched and because I am one of the first 50 customers during its Grand Opening month, I got a free HK bunny bag with my purchase! Another item to add to my collection.   [caption id="attachment_505" align="aligncenter" width="640"]This Hello Kitty x Bunny bag is a FREE GIFT now for any purchase at A Cute Shop! This Hello Kitty x Bunny bag is a FREE GIFT now for any purchase at A Cute Shop![/caption] 4905104104066-1_1   Undeniably, I enjoyed shopping online more because of these fantastic benefits. And in case you are wondering which of the many Hello Kitty items available earned my final YES.......Darannnnnn.... This cute and chic Hello Kitty Crystal Bezel Deco Wristwatch!  4937996311260-1   When it was delivered, Katie was very happy! She hugged me so tight and whispered, "You really know what can make me happy all the time!" And yes, she gave me the Free Bunny Bag because she knows we share the same interest - Hello Kitty!   I'm just too happy + satisfied and I want to share the good experience with online shopping enthusiasts like me searching for awesome perks from trusted shopping sites. It's my own little way of sharing new and helpful discoveries to the community of online shopping fanatics where I am proud to belong!