Why You Should Not Stick To One Safety Standard When Buying Motorcycle Helmets Online

A helmet is as important as your motorcycle, especially for protection against injury in the event of an accident.Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, buying the right helmet is necessary for your safety on the road. With the establishment of the far-reaching trade agreements and robust e-commerce infrastructure, it is possible to buy an excellent anime helmet online and have it shipped to your doorstep.

However, it is critical to consider the level of protection that your chosen helmet offers. While helmet standards differ from one jurisdiction to another, thorough motorcycle helmets international safety standards comparison of the various standards will help you determine the right fit for your needs. For instance, if you’re a fast rider in a high-traffic highway, it essential to opt for a helmet that meets first-rate impact protection, to defend against fatal injuries in the event of a crush. 

Top-rate helmet safety standards 

Below is a comprehensive list of motorcycle helmets international safety standards comparison and their specifications: 

AS/NZS 1698: The standard for protective helmets in both Australia and New Zealand 

UN/ECE 22.05: The standard for safety helmets in Europe 

Snell M2010: The safety standard for helmets in the USA 

Snell 2005: The helmet certification for safety in the USA 

USA DOT 571.218 standard No. 218: The safety certification for helmets safety in the USA 

JIS T 8133: The safety standard for helmets in Japan 

Motorcycle helmets international safety standards comparison 

Although there is no conclusive comparison of these standards from both the national and international level, the specifications of each standard affect the overall performance of helmets in the prevention of head injury for Powered Two Wheelers. The top reason for considering the helmets with the best performance in the mitigation of the risk severe head injury during an injury is at the heart of road safety, your protection and your loved ones while riding. Motorcycle accidents claim the lives of thousands of lives year to year, up to 4, 976 riders died in crashes in 2016, for example. 

Furthermore, the available data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) suggests that there’s a higher prevalence of motorcycle accidents than other motor vehicles. In turn, manufacturers have adopted more effective safety standards in the manufacture and testing of helmets. However, you’re not limited to selecting helmets with standards from your country of residence. You’ll find the performance levels of helmets certified by standards of a foreign country are reliable and even better than local standards. For example, the ECE 22.05 standard in Europe has more comprehensive testing requirements than the American DOT standard. Therefore, if you need a helmet with greater impact protection, choose a helmet from a country with the superior performance level. For instance, the JIS standard or the AS/NZS 1698 standard with low sever impact levels of 11.5 and 84.4, respectively.  As such, you’ll have made a worthwhile investment for your safety while riding in a high-risk environment in which severe energy impact may put you at risk of a concussion or skull injury. 

Bottom Line 

With careful consideration of motorcycle helmets, international safety standards comparison, buying the right match for the kind of riding you engage ensure your safety. Besides, with anime cute helmets, you’re buying both safety and style. However, this does not warrant less caution while riding because you are aware of motorcycle helmets international safety standards comparison and safety levels. The traffic rules still apply, and you won’t be excused for risky riding behavior just because you have cute, standard anime helmet for protection.


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