New Uni-ball RE 0.5MM Pen Erasable Ink Mickey Winnie The Pooh with Embossed Open Clip

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Write your heart out with these Hello Kitty Automatic Pencil. The smooth grip provides added comfort. This sweet pen features a lovely Hello Kitty Kimono design and relief pattem grip that swings with you as you write. Take this pen with you for your planner agenda.



"Thermally erasable ink" is characterized by rubbing heat with a special eraser and becoming colorless due to frictional heat. Therefore, as with pencils and mechanical pencils, you can erase and rewrite many times. When writing, as with conventional knock-type ballpoint pens, knock at the back end of the ballpoint pen and take out the pen point to write. When erasing the line, turning the axis up reverses the special eraser of the knock part by the internal mechanism, and the eraser does not rattle even if you put a force when erasing. A stable erase operation is possible. The product name "R: E" stands for "REWRITE", "REPEAT", "RETRY", etc., which means "repetitive", "over time", "again".

This pen has a twist-to-extract style body that we really love! You twist to pick the color you want to write with, and then you still click the top to extract the nose of the pen. The available body color selection varies nicely. There's sure to be a color everyone will like!

An embossed three-dimensional clip part is attached to a movable open clip. Each axis design has its own image color, icon, and silhouette, and it is finished with a design that is full of character. In addition, the eraser cap is shaped like a Mickey Mouse / Winnie the Pooh silhouette.

This limited edition of Disney x Uni RE series pens feature lovely Mickey Mouse / Winnie the Pooh design. Take this pen with you for work or school.


●Brand New Item
●Lead Diameter: 0.5 mm
●Features: Self-advancing Lead
●Dimensions: approx. L14.5 x 2 cm / L5.7" x 0.78"
●Material: Plastic. ABS. AS
●Made in Japan

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