Hello Kitty Pet Cat Triangle Bandana Collar Scarf 1PC 9"-11" Pink Grey or Blue[Grey]

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  • Hello Kitty Pet Items – High-Fashion Toys for your Cute Little Ones!
    Keep your pet safe and stylish with this collar.
    The pet collar to make your pets different, to be cooler, more beautiful or gentler then others. It is a good gift for your pets, and surely it will make them happier.
  • - Single prong buckle. Triangle bandana design, adjustable belt.
    - Specially designed to dress your pets like dogs and cats.
    - Adjustable neck girth
    - Cute Hello Kitty pattern and color
  • This listing is for 1 PC ONLY. Various colors/designs are available. Please specify your choice of color / design, or we will ship color/design by random without further notice.
  • Hello Kitty Pet Cat Triangle Bandana Collar Scarf 1PC 9"-11" Pink Grey or Blue


    Hello Kitty Pet Items – High-Fashion Toys for your Cute Little Ones!
    Keep your pet safe and stylish with this collar.
    The pet collar to make your pets different, to be cooler, more beautiful or gentler then others. It is a good gift for your pets, and surely it will make them happier.


    - Single prong buckle. Triangle bandana design, adjustable belt.
    - Specially designed to dress your pets like dogs and cats.
    - Adjustable neck girth
    - Cute Hello Kitty pattern and color


    This listing is for 1 PC ONLY. Various colors/designs are available. Please specify your choice of color / design, or we will ship color/design by random without further notice.


    - Offered in 3 designs to choose
    (Gray-Ribbon, Pink-Ribbon, Blue-Ribbon )


    - Brand New item. 
    - Sanrio Licensed Item 
    - Material: Fabric. Metal
    - Size: approx. 10 mm x 230 ~280 mm / 0.39" x 9" ~ 11" (for cat)
    - Material: Fabric. Metal
    - Applicable : 5kgs



    Item Specifics
    Type Bandana-Style Collar
    Brand Hello Kitty
    Material Fabric & metal
    Country/Region of Manufacture Taiwan
    UPC 4712909820554



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