LIMITED EDITION ANNA SUI x Hello Kitty Collaboration Merch Table Mats Thermos Ceramic Mugs

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    LIMITED EDITION ANNA SUI x Hello Kitty Collaboration Merchandise

    Here comes 7-11 fan event ! "ANNA SUI x Hello Kitty" Mermaid Kitty crystal ball and hand-washer are super cute

    7-11 once again called ANNA SUI and Hello Kitty for collaboration and transformed into a mermaid-shaped Kitty. Not only did it have double-layer ceramic mugs, leather strap shopping bags, etc., there are also crystal ball music boxes, multi-functional double-sided quilts, and scarves , Thermos and other exquisite goods, all can be collected by fans who love Anna Sui and Hello Kitty. The method of obtaining is two kinds of gathering activities, namely "Member Flash Sale" and "Membership Points + extra fee".

    "ANNA SUI x Hello Kitty" Double Ceramic Mug

    ANNA SUI x Hello Kitty "Double-layer Ceramic Mug" comes in six designs. The double-layer structure prevents the cup from being burned due to high temperature. It is equipped with an optional rotating lid and can be opened immediately with one push. It is really convenient.

    "ANNA SUI x Hello Kitty" leather charm shopping bag

    Wouldn’t it be too cute to put the leather storage strap on the storage bag? It comes in a large size of 50cm / 19.7" in width and can carry a weight of about 8 kilograms / 17.6 pounds. The material of 7 different styles of "leather strap shopping bags" make it quite easy to store. Different leather straps are attached. You can also hang them directly on the bag as pendant.
    Large size with a width of 50cm / 19.7" , which can bear a weight of about 8 kg / 17.6 pounds; the material is light and easy to store, with a leather strap for storage

    "ANNA SUI x Hello Kitty" fragrance diffuser set

    Three super cute "fragrance diffuser bottles" also come with KITTY diffuser wood chips! The wood chips of different shapes are matched with various themed fragrances to create a different atmosphere, so that everyone in the room feel relaxed and healed.

    "ANNA SUI x Hello Kitty" Crystal Ball Music Box

    Hello Kitty fans definitely want to get this! "Crystal Ball Music Box" features the Kitty mermaid doll, scattered snow crystal balls are super romantic, and it  is also a music box. The music track is the fifth symphony-the fourth movement, which is a double enjoyment of vision and hearing.

    "ANNA SUI x Hello Kitty" Inductive bubble hand wash dispenser machine

    Kitty holding the pearl is so healing! It is also a limited Hello Kitty mermaid doll. It automatically senses without contact. The tank body is translucent. It is super convenient to replenish the cleaning fluid anytime and anywhere. At the same time, the body also has a three-stage foam control, dense and fine foam, which makes cleaning more thorough.

    "ANNA SUI x Hello Kitty" leather multipurpose table mat

    The super-sized "styling leather multipurpose table mat", with a non-slip material at the bottom, can double as a mouse pad or a placemat, and is very practical for homes and offices.

    "ANNA SUI x Hello Kitty" Multifunctional double-sided quilt

    The comfortable and soft "multifunctional double-sided quilt" is even more matte and lovely! The comfortable fabric and soft-touch quilt not only has a double-sided design, but also comes with a zipper bag for convenient storage.
    "ANNA SUI x Hello Kitty" Fashion Thermos Cup Set

    This thermos can be taken anywhere with you! The "Fashion Thermos Cup Set" with a capacity of about 280ml or 3.95 Oz  is of a moderate size, with a leather hot stamping cup set attached with a metal chain, which makes it easy to carry. The thermos cup is made of 304 stainless steel, which has the function of heat preservation and cold preservation. It is easy to use because of the design of pressing the elastic cover.
    "ANNA SUI x Hello Kitty" classic scarf

    The square "classic scarf" is not only stylish and noble, but also soft and smooth in texture. At the same time, it also comes with a gift box packaging, which is suitable as a gift or for personal use.
    "ANNA SUI x Hello Kitty" Fashion accompanying cosmetic bag

    The "fashionable cosmetic bag" with detachable strap allows you to freely switch between shoulders and hands! It's super convenient and practical! The exquisite embossing and bronzing LOGO, with zipper and multi-layer compartment inside, makes it not only beautiful, but also convenient for storage.

    SPECIAL SALE CONDITION for pre-sale and limited edition items:
    1. Being limited edition items, all sales are final and cannot be cancelled unless we notify you the items being sold-out status already.
    2. We reserve the right to accept or cancel the transactions due to the merchandise being limited quantity and in pre-order terms. Please understand that we do not keep the inventory and the merchandise can sell out any minute. Once orders receive but the merchandise is alredy sold-out in the market, we will cancel the transaction and refund the payment after deduction of transaction fee if not refundable. The transaction fees by the third-party is to be born by buyers.
    3. Please only place the order if you accept the above condition.
    4. Please feel welcome to inquire us about the stock availability prior to placing the order to avoid  out-of-stock transactions. Thank you very much!
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    All orders are FREE SHIPPING! However, a $5 extra on checkout is mandatory for shipping insurance.

    ⌛ When does my order ship and how long it takes to arrive?

    Allow 3 working days for order processing. When your package is handed over to DHL or courrier, allow 2- 5 business days to arrive after the shipment date; or 7 ~ 20 working days for regular airmail shipping.

    🤔 How much custom duty will I have to pay?

    There are no additional charges for customs or import duties or taxes. HOWEVER, it's important that you check with your local customs office to determine whether these additional costs will apply to your order at the border before buying. According to our experience & best practice, 99% of our customers do not get charged by the customs because the package value does not exceed the country's tax exemption.