June 2012

  1. Can’t Believe This Hello Kitty D-Cut Bottled Water is SO HARD to get!

    About more than a week ago, I shared an interesting Hello Kitty product from here on our store fans page. To my surprise, this share of Hello Kitty D-Cut bottled water gets unusually many "likes"  than my other sparingly posted updates on the page. A few friends on Fans Page were asking how and how much to get this cute...
  2. On Choosing The Right Size of Fit for Yourself, Kids or Friends...

    *** To make the right fitting, please measure your foot and choose your size BY YOUR ACTUAL FOOT LENGTH IN CENTIMETER or INCHES, instead of your local size. Please make sure your fitting prior to purchase. Thank you very much! If you have size questions, please contact us *** *Because of photo color limitation and color monitor setting, the actual product may slightly different than the photo.*
  3. 2012 Hello Kitty Fashion Shoes Catalog

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