November 2020

  1. 2020 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

    2020 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
    The coming and passing of Black Friday makes a mark of the holidays shopping. Before the Black Friday weekend, we do everything withe grace and gentleness. After the Black Friday weekend, we know we need to rush and hurry! But no matter what, our wish is the same – to bring and share with you the beautiful and cute items...
  2. Our Special Gift for you! Your Chance to WIN to win a 2021 Little Twin Stars Pocket Organizer + Refill Pages Set FREE!

    Holidays are coming We bet you're already gathering holiday gift ideas, right? Where have you looked? Were you able to find all items you need? Well, we prepared MANY goodies for your consideration. It's been a very special year this year! Things don't come along as they always do.  But it's no problem. LOVE conquers ALL! Subscribe to our newsletters for the...

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