Since its launch last year, the dr. Si x Hello Kitty eco-friendly portable and collapsible Silicone tableware has successfully captured the hearts of many Hello Kitty fans!!

Easy-to-use collapsible design, made of safe and premium materials, lightweight in adorable HELLO KITTY design makes the efforts of protecting the earth easier !

Light enough to carry anywhere, fits for picnic, company, school, camping, hiking, road-trips, travel, etc.

Hello Kitty Sukura pink folding design,saves space and easy to carry.Great lunch-box for picnics,food storage.

Perfect for indoor food storage,outdoor activity,such as work,camping, hiking,travel and more.

Folding container is ideal for frequent use and easy storage when not in use.

Whether for office, class, picnic, travel, baby care, food take-out, dr. Si x Hello Kitty’s eco-friendly collapsible tableware can meet your needs!

Foldable design, easy to store, easy to carry

dr.Si uses non-toxic medical grade silicone material, and makes use of its flexible and high temperature resistance characteristics. It has launched a series of eco-friendly lunch boxes and portable cups with foldable design. With a light pressure, the volume immediately becomes half of the original. Easy to store, taking out food is super convenient!

As a Taiwanese brand, dr.Si hopes to use the most abundant “Si (Si)”, which is currently the most abundant in the earth, to effectively and actively replace petrochemical materials. It is committed to the development of medical grade platinum caskets, focusing on the design and development of each product.

The strontium contained in the ore is the most abundant natural element in the earth's crust except for oxygen. The temperature of material used by dr.Si is usually endurable around -40~250°C, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and low in chemical activity.


The bottom has an intimate heat-insulating ring, making carry hot food super easy; the bowl adopts a reinforced ring design, easy to fold without collapse. After using it, the height can be compressed from 7cm to 2.5cm, and it is light and easy to store!

*Can be placed in the microwave oven

* Opening is rimmed with steel reinforcement ring design, good folding but not easy to collapse

* Made with 100% first-grade & food grade silicone, lighter than glass lunch box

*Border leakproof design is perfect to prevent soup from spilling

*Resistant to ice heat -40°C ~ 250°C

*100% Designed and Made in Taiwan in TOP quality

Lunch Box

1200ml / 41 oz BIG capacity, made in Platinum silicone that's heat-resistant safe, light and easy to carry, is a good companion for hiking, camping and picnic!

Length: 205 mm / 8”

Width: 133 mm / 5.23”

Height: 80 mm / 3.15”

Folding height: 30 mm / 1.18”

Weight: 334.5±2g / 0.75 lbs

Capacity: 1200 ml / 41 Oz

Tighting collar

Width: 153mm / 6”

Length: 100mm / 3.9”

-German LFGB & US FDA-certified

-French food container inspection standard safety certification.

-Passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system

-ISO4001:2015 environmental management certification

BPA Free certification

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