Here comes the most romantic month of the year again - June.
In Western customs, June is the most suitable season for marriage. In June, the bride will get luck and blessings and become the happiest bride.
There is a Western proverb:

"April showers bring May flowers."
"Marry in June --- Good to the man and happy to the maid."

Therefore, June Bride was born, which is the origin of June bride.

And when it comes to a romantic and sweet wedding, many Hello KITTY fans wish for a Hello KITTY-themed wedding.
Have you every imagined holding a KITTY wedding in such a month that's full of blessings?
Maybe you are  already married, maybe you  are not .
Today we are going to share a Taiwanese Hello Kitty themed wedding.

In a traditional Taiwanese wedding, the most important part is preparing  a Taiwanese wedding cake for every guest, friends or family who are invited to the wedding banquet.
Instead of the Taiwanese traditional wedding cake, this bride chose a Western-style Kitty biscuit combination for very practical reasons:
First of all, the Hello Kitty biscuit cake set is good-looking and cute, the iron boxes are practical and a box with 60 biscuits is sufficient and delicious and most importantly, it comes with a beautiful Kitty gift bag.

Next is the wedding banquet decorations. The bride was so lucky to find a wedding planner who had experiences arranging Hello KITTY weddings.
The wedding planner was definitely a thousand times more dreamy than the bride's fantasy with the decoration and arrangement that was full of Hello Kitty.
For example, the entrance was decorated with pink and Kitty dolls that the bride collected when she was a child.

【主題婚禮】之就是Hello Kitty-null

 As for the reception table, it was also decorated with a Hello Kitty stand. The key point was that the Kitty dessert plate (and doll) that was bought online and the combination were super matching and cute!
They completed the Hello Kitty atmosphere for the wedding!!
And the Hello Kitty signature pen was DIY by the bride.

【主題婚禮】之就是Hello Kitty-null
【主題婚禮】之就是Hello Kitty-null
【主題婚禮】之就是Hello Kitty-null
【主題婚禮】之就是Hello Kitty-null

Entering the restaurant, two Kitty balloons were arranged on the aisle.

【主題婚禮】之就是Hello Kitty-null

【主題婚禮】之就是Hello Kitty-null  【主題婚禮】之就是Hello Kitty-null The highlight of the wedding was of course the gift for guests.
The little gift was "Kitty handmade biscuits" made by the bride, one piece per person.
With the help of the restaurant staff to help distribute it when the bride entered the venue second time in the middle of ceremony. One pack of ten pieces per table.
That was to say 50 tables = 500 pieces were made before the wedding by the bride and her sister.

【主題婚禮】之就是Hello Kitty-null
【主題婚禮】之就是Hello Kitty-null
【主題婚禮】之就是Hello Kitty-null

 In the small plate above was a scratch card for every guest for the game to play during the wedding.
The scratch cards were custom-made. Of course it was printed with Hello Kitty.
The winner of game was of course Hello Kitty image and if you have her bow, you lose the game.
And the small gift prepared for winner was a handmade coin purse. There was one winner for each table.
The handmade coin purse was made of specially selected Kitty fabrics!!
It was definitely a rare gif that the guests could not find in the market. 【主題婚禮】之就是Hello Kitty-null

【主題婚禮】之就是Hello Kitty-null
【主題婚禮】之就是Hello Kitty-null

In addition, the host also helped design another lottery game. The catch was asking the guests to take a guess of the location of the bride and groom's honeymoon.
The lottery tickets were also self-designed. Speaking of the honeymoon, of course, the lottery tickets were printed with matching Hello Kitty pilot and flight attendant design.
As how to print the serial number on the lottery tickets was easy, you just bought the serial number stamps at the bookstore and voila, the lottery tickets were made!
The small gift of lottery winner was Hello Kitty fruit wine (which was awesome!!!!)

【主題婚禮】之就是Hello Kitty-null
【主題婚禮】之就是Hello Kitty-null

This wedding really took a lot of time to prepare.

Whether it was looking for a good wedding planner, discussing with them on the details or taskes to DIY.
A wedding is such an important ceremony, once in a life's time. You will  feel so happy to be able to fulfill your dream of a Hello Kitty wedding!
We hope all the sweet ladies can also complete the perfect wedding in your dream!

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