Summer is approaching and beaches are calling.  Summer time won't be good without a cozy pair of footwear. And the foot-wear won't be just fitting for summer if they weren't open-toed! What's more, if you want to be the center of attention or add some style from head to toes, consider these editor's choice Hello Kitty flip-flops from us. ALL freshly-released this summer! #915008 DSC_0180(20元) #915008DSC_0153(20元)DSC_0154(20元)#915066915039-3915039-6915039-7915039-11915039-13856522748360-9 856522748360-6856522748360-5856522748360-10856522748360-2 Check out more Hello Kitty Slippers NOW! And Get them at 10% OFF discount as a member now! Supplementary reading: The Best Flip-Flop Sandals For Women Review