Netflix has added three new mobile games to its catalog, and they're eclectic... with a distinctly feline theme. The highlight is Hello Kitty Happiness Parade, a relentlessly cute rhythm game from Rogue Games that has up to three players dance down the street while collecting coins and thwarting the fun-hating Kuromi. It's not the most complex game by any means, but you might not mind given the kawaii aesthetic.

Another title, Neowiz's Cats & Soup, tasks you with helping cats make (what else?) soup. Thankfully, this is more a low-key relaxation title than a weird Neko-Atsume-meets-Overcooked crossover. And yes, there is a game for the less cat obsessed. Devolver's Reign: Three Kingdoms is a card battler that has you waging war and politics at the end of China's Han dynasty.

As with other Netflix mobile releases, you just need a subscription and an Android or iOS device. The hook remains the lack of sales pitches you frequently find in mobile games — there are no ads, in-app purchases or other rude surprises. If there's content to earn, you'll do it strictly by playing.

Netflix has been ramping up its game efforts in recent months. The creators of Downwell and Her Story have contributed to the catalog, and the streaming giant has been establishing in-house studios in addition to buying developers like Next Games (The Walking Dead) and Night School Studio (Oxenfree). The company is also poised to expand beyond mobile with not-so-subtle hints of work on blockbuster PC projects. Gaming certainly isn't the main reason to subscribe to Netflix, but it may represent a better incentive before long.

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