Hello Kitty addicts must have an endless list of co-branded collections, but this time, even if you are not a diehard Hello Kitty fan, you will definitely adore this collection. Japanese makeup brand INTEGRATE and Hello kitty have launched a super co-branded line of cosmetics, which burns the hearts of all girls ! A while ago, when the INTEGRATE x Hello Kitty collection premiered on Japan, it was swept Japanese girls away as soon as it was launched on the market. Now that we are unable to fly to Japan, we are able to get them in Taiwan ! ! A total of 4 limited products are launched. INTEGRATE's No.1 sellers, such as skin-beautifying powder, foundation jelly, liquid foundation, and three-degree gradient eyeshadow that absolutely must be collected in full line! Hurry up and unbox them with us! Follow INTEGRATE x Hello Kitty to enter the cute world for adults and girls♡

Scream~ This is too cute to be true! Moisturizing and softening foundation jelly, the strongest base makeup family of beautifying powder, get zero pores and flawless skin instantly! Love at first sight!

I always feel that INTEGRATE never failed to empty my wallet. Last time when they launched the Disney Cinderella series, my purse was literally robbed. This time the cutest in history INTEGRATE x Hello Kitty line for sure will invade fans' heart completely. The INTEGRATE and Hello Kitty show off the charm of adults and girls, cute enough to burst but fascinating texture and fashionable design, no matter who is absolutely trapped in the cute vortex of Hello Kitty~ This time the co-branded celebrity base makeup and eyeshadow palette are all transformed into a Hello Kitty limited package; it is too cute to collect, and it really can only make people obediently offer a wallet~

The first thing that comes out of the box is definitely the INTEGRATE "Soft Focus Light and Translucent Beauty Pressed Powder n" with a powder box that melt the editor's heart at the first sight! What catches your eyes is Hello Kitty waving a flag and bringing three bear friends to the eye-catching powder box of beige and red! I believe that just seeing this shell makes many people irresistable. Not to mention it's the No.1 best-seller on open-shelf powder in Japan.

It is definitely not easy to be the No. 1 best-seller Japan. The powder is meticulous and comparable to the counter level. The makeup feel is perfect, not to mention about that. It can easily modify pores and small blemishes with a touch, and there is no scary mask feeling, natural and light. In addition, the makeup retention is even better! In the sultry summer when you have to wear a mask to go out every day, you will no longer be afraid of making the base makeup mottled because of the oil and sweat. After the oil is released, it will be more integrated into the skin and become a pore-free glossy cream flawless skin, which is completely admirable~

Next, we will tell you something about the INTEGRATE "Powdering Foundation Jelly" that is very popular in Japan! The ultra-special jelly foundation has no added oil and fat ingredients. It cools and sticks to the small face in one shot, surpassing the translucent of ordinary cushion powder, and presents the moisturized soft-boiled egg muscle in one second! The makeup effect is exquisite and has a cool feeling. It is definitely the first choice for summer makeup. No wonder it was robbed by Japanese girls! This time, the two colors of bright color and natural color are launched. Girls must grab them with speed when they are on the market!

This combination is definitely a must! It comes with an ultra-exquisite Hello Kitty custom-made portable mirror and an exclusive red storage sleeve. When I received it, I exclaimed that the texture is really good~ I will definitely be envied by my girlfriends when I bring my makeup out~

Speaking of INTEGRATE's celebrity base makeup, of course, the soft focus and light beauty liquid foundation cannot be absent! The beauty liquid foundation has also changed into a super cute co-branded package~ The unique weightless powder formula presents a perfect water-glossy makeup. The three characteristics are very light, high concealer, and ultra-sticky. The three characteristics are realized in one bottle. But Hello Kitty addits must wait this bottle a little more time. Wait patiently, we secretly announced that the liquid foundation combination will be released in October, please stay tuned of our blog post update to get the first-hand information until then~

Two types of three-degree gradient eyeshadows must be collected in full! Super beautiful color + delicate pearl light ~ The deep and charming eye shadow easily completed in one palette!

I believe that the unboxing article above must have captured your hear~ It's not over yet! We urge you to get these Hello Kitty x INTEGRATE two eyeshadows immediately; we have a hunch that they will sell out very soon~

Is your heart melted immediately seeing these two discs? How can they be so cute?! According to netizens, they are the perfect eye shadows for girls who are handicapped when it comes to doing eye-shadow. The three-gradient eye shadows also come in Hello Kitty's limited edition, in a total of two color numbers released. , The earth color theme BR703 and the pink love color PK704. Look carefully that the Hello Kitty and the bear friends on the two packages design is different.  Kitty turned into a little painter to do graffiti with the bears, it is really cute~

In addition to the high-quality and high-value packaging, the two plates are completely valuable, and the small one is super practical with any combination of 5 colors~ Gentle and ultra-daily color, suitable whether for work or going on a date. The three gradation colors on the left make the eyes more charming and deep, and the delicate pearly light is super blending. The sequin color on the right puts light on the eyelids to make the eyes brighte; you can create Japanese style transparent and exquisitive eye-color without too much skill. They are both worth to get together.

After reading this unboxing article, I believe you are already tempted and can't help but want to get them right away! (LOL) We will help you out. The first release is on August! The liquid foundation set will be released in October. Stay tuned with our blog post update or follow our fast page.