Attention! Winnie the Pooh fans!
Winnie the Pooh has captured a lot of fans with her round and cute appearance, which is loved by adults and children and healed hearts of fans every day! If Winnie the Pooh turns into a car, it is definitely cuteness to another level. A motorcycle coating shop in Thailand displays and sells a variety of different types of coated cars. Recently, Winnie the Pooh motorcycles have been launched. It pushes cuteness to another level!

Winnie the Pooh Vespa motorcycle
Winnie the Pooh Vespa motorcycle

The cute & healing yellow Winnie the Pooh motorcycle hits the hearts of fans as soon as it was launched. The sticker manufacturer made good use of the original round and cute Vespa brand to modify the protective stiker, and used Winnie the Pooh’s signature color yellow to complete the design. It looks as Winnie the Pooh as a whole.

Not only the cute yellow film is attached to make the whole motorcycle bright and cute, the front and sides of the motorcycle are also affixed with Winnie the Pooh motifs to show cuteness, and a small rustic-style bamboo basket is placed in the front, which makes people imagine riding this A Winnie the Pooh motorcycle blowing in the breeze with Winnie the Pooh on a country road. How comfortable it will be~

In addition to Winnie the Pooh motorcycles, the protective film store also launched a variety of motorcycle films of different characters or brands, such as Hello Kitty-coated motorcycles made in pink x white stripes, and Mickey GUCCI bags made of pure beige. The film, all white hits the Coca-Cola Logo pattern, and pastes different envelope shapes and colors to create a different cuteness and texture for the car!

Girls who like plain colors and not too complicated patterns can also refer to the above plain and textured motorcycle coating colors, such as the recently tamped lavender purple, playful and lively mint green, or super beautiful ink blue The dry rosy colors of the Di color series are all dreamy full marks! You can also take pictures to your local film manufacturers to inquire, and make yourself a unique and cute motorcycle!♡

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