One of the most anticipated tourism events in the summer vacation, the "Taiwan Hot Air Balloon Festival" is taking place again at Luye Gaotai in Taitung this year. The hot air balloon festival is about to enter its 11th year. Although it has to be postponed due to the sudden epidemic, it has stabilized as the epidemic in Taiwan became stabilized.  The organizer, the Taitung County Government also recently announced a new event time-line, which started from August 14th and extends to September 12th for a period of 30 days.  It is the first time that Sanrio has joined hands with Taitung to launch the global event for the world’s only Hello Kitty hot air balloon. As soon as the news was released, visitors who wanted to visit the scene were very much looking forward to it. 

 When the Taitung County Government announced the schedule for this year’s "Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival", the most discussed topic was definitely that the anime IP Hello Kitty is wearing Taitung’s aborginal Bunun tribe  blue traditional costumes. The huge portrait hot air balloon is breath-taking. In addition, the Taiwan mascot "Wow Bear Hot Air Balloon" wearing aboriginal Ami tribe traditional costumes is appearing together with Hello Kitty on the festival.  Two lovely portraits sit in town, are expected to make a lof sensation.  

Although fans from all over the world can't come to Taiwan for sightseeing and take the Hello Kitty hot air balloon, but hope you like the pictures and video on spot that we share with you!. We wish you peace and a good mood every day, no matter where in the world you are !