PAK FAH YEOW is a traditional brand in Taiwan which is well-known for making soothing oil products. Beyond many people’s imagination and anticipation, this well-known company with a long history recently started cooperation with Sanrio and launched their best-selling herbal peppermint roller in a lovely group of Gudetama, HELLO KITTY and Little Twin Stars in three different packaging and aroma. See such a lovely package, I cannot help but grab one immediately. For many Taiwanese or Asians above 40 years old, herbal peppermint oil is an essential item to keep at home. It’s equivalent of Res-Q Ointment that is used in almost any condition. It is a must-have for the household.

PAK FAH YEOW Herbal Peppermint Cooling Roller For Headache Relief of Gudetama, Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars design in portable 15ml roller is just super kawaii and handy.

The PAK FAH YEOW Herbal Peppermint Cooling Roller is made in Taiwan and its ingredients are a variety of Chinese herbal formula and essential oils. The roller is suitable for headache and keeping your mood up and awake.

Unlike ordinary single-headed ball roller, this series of super -kawaii awakening gel comes with a patented three-headed ball roller. The three-head design allows the skin contact in a larger area, and the special design keeps the dirt away from returning. You can also use the head to massage your acupuncture points while wiping.

If you have a chance to visit Taiwan (probably not now) in the future, be sure to check it out at Cosmed, Watsons, Sheng Hengchang Duty Free shops.

In addition to the lovely packaging, PAK FAH also has this traditional nostalgic packaging. The traditionally packaged PAK FAH oil awakening gel is made of fragrant bergamot and smells very comfortable because of its herbal herbal formula, even with a hint of lemon. In addition to rollers, they also launched essential oil patches.

Their patches are made of the well-known and popular Moghania Root, which is a famous specialty plant grown in Kinmen. In addition to Moghania Root, Indian Borage, , mint grass and lavender are also added for the soothing and relieving effect.

The Aggretsuko pain relief patch comes in suitable size and it can be used for occasions like working out, travel, shopping, long-distance driving, mountain climbing, standing for a long time, moving heavy objects, long-hour of working with computers such as digital nomads and families. If you don’t have time and budget to get a spa massage, this comforting and soothing patch works just as fine! You can smell the light fragrance of the essential oil while keeping it on your body.

The Sanrio series of Gudetama, Hello Kitty & Little Twin Stars rollers each has it own different flavor. Hello Kitty is sweet and heart Lime while Little Twin Stars is camellia and Gudetama is peppermint. Although these three flavors are different, in fact they all smell cool and comfortable. I like to put a bottle in my bag. As it’s lightweight, in the size of a lip balm, it is very convenient to carry. Its special design makes it leak-proof.

I am prone to motion sickness and like to take it with me while I go travel. The roller ball bottle design makes it easier to control the proper amount of oil flow on each application. When I apply it, I also use it with some force to massage on myself. Sometimes when I feel dizzy, I use it near the temples and behind my ears to keep myself awake. Particularly I prefer the Peppermint smell of Gudetama as it has a strong odor. Besides Gudetama’s lazy ambience, it serves as a good mosquito-repellent as well.